The Complete Happy Halloweens Gallery

Not in the mood to work your way through the separate posts to enjoy the collection? Well, problem solved, you have come to the Complete Happy Halloweens Gallery where all the images featured on the site are featured in one big page.

I’ve broken down the images into separate sections arranged via decade. There will be some that are just wrong as I’ve had to guess the date based on the type of photograph, the fashions and locations (and sometimes am way out…) Not all the photos I’ve collected came with dates, hence the need to guess.

Blackface, Yellowface And Other Racist Stereotypes

There are a number of photos in the collection that display costumes which are completely abhorrent and inappropriate by today’s standards. It’s important to note I don’t include these photos lightly, or because I think they’re amusing, or because I think it will upset some people.

I include them because of their historical value and to not show them would not give a full picture of what was unfortunately acceptable at the times the photos were taken. They provide an insight into those times and remind us how far we have come and in some cases, still have to go. If you are likely to be offended by these photos, I would politely suggest you proceed no further.

Without further a do, let’s go!

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Pre 1930s

The oldest images in the collection, some I have dates for, some I don’t.









Post 1960s