Happy Halloween! Some New Additions

Happy Halloween all, that time is on us once more, in this which has been the most tumultuous of years. With us all wearing masks all year around, it feels a bit obsolete to have them just for Halloween! Whatever happens in the future though, I’m always harking back to the past, and this year is no different.

To celebrate Halloween 2020, here’s some new pieces that have come into the collection over the last year. What’s more, if you don’t want to go through the individual blog posts to see an image, you can now visit the Complete Gallery Page to see the collection all in one place. Handy that!

First up, stretchy face man, from sometime in the 1940s I believe. That’s exactly what I have to do every time someone tells me to smile…

Stretchy Face - 1940s

A party shot here with assorted people, some looking a but more worse for wear than the others.

Angels and Hobo - 1950s

Don’t just have a party, have a bike party! Bike party man comes with his own bike and party balloons. Handy for making a quick escape if things get too hairy…

Bike Party!

Ah look, that kindly clown is helping the kid cross the road, no doubt after buying some cheap cottage cheese. Nope. No. No thanks…

Clown and Kid crossing

Connie and Dorothy trick and treating, their faces a blur, your soul is fleeting.

Connie and Dorothy - 1920s

Cool party, devils, cats, princesses and the happiest looking astronaut I ever did see.

Devils, Cats and Astronauts, oh my!

Just a small child, with his mask, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Old Man Boy in a mask 1970s

Come to Sears, where we’re currently offering a two for one on RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

Scary Mask Man at Sears - 1985

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