1958 Kid’s Party Masks Set

I can put an exact date on these slides, thanks to the fact the year is on them. What we have here is a children’s Halloween party from somewhere in the USA in the year 1958. What’s great about this little set is the amount of great vintage masks on display. There’s a bit of black-face going on too which I feature not to condone but for future posterity’s sake.

There’s also some great vintage Halloween ephemera on display, from the great ghostly garden decorations to the trick or treat candy bags. There’s a lot of quite modern looking designs here too, which you wouldn’t quite expect from the late 1950s, like the princess costumes which could be something a small girl would wear today. I have no idea where this was, who these people were and what became of them, but this little set paint a vivid picture of the colours and feels of a good old vintage Halloween.

A great collection of vintage masks and costumes

A cheeky young devil

A scary pair about to head off trick or treating

Spooky Halloween garden decoration and posed kids in masks

Spooky Halloween garden decoration

More great Halloween masks

Cute young couple in their costumes

Black face boys

Young ladies dressing for Halloween

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