A Bombast Of Red Devils

We’re having a devil of a theme today, with some demonic costumes collected together for you in one handy place. Did you know the collective noun for a group of devils was a bombast? Me neither, but thanks to Google I can now say I do and so can you. With none more evil than Satan himself, it’s no surprise it’s such a popular costume choice, and as we’ll see, one that’s popularity has stood the test of time.

First up is two photos of one devil woman. I think these were taken sometime in the 1990s but they’re not specifically dated so that’s just a guess. As well as our bright red devil lady, there are also a number of other catchy costumes of vintage horror to admire, but I’m not quite sure about the aerobics lady, what’s that all about?!

Lady devil and friends

Next up, this one comes from the heady days of 1988, and as you know, no devil is happy without his pet gorilla for company. Here’s a great example of one such devil and his hairy side kick.

Devil with his Gorilla

Perhaps the most pernicious of type devil is the little one. With their unending energy and propensity for mischief they are guaranteed to strike horror into the hearts of right thinking people everywhere. This one has forgone the pet gorilla in favour of some strange leopard like creature. At a guess, this little devil was causing havoc during the 1960s, but he had us in such a spin that a guess is all we can manage.

A little devil and his leopard sibling

And finally we have a pair of natty devils to show off, from this faded and characterful photograph from 1952. Bookending some equally scary characters, these devils were last seen striking fear in to party goers somewhere in America, but have since been sighted elsewhere around the world. In. Your. Nightmares…

A Pair of Devils and other ghouls

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