1960s Dracula Party

We’re having a party, a Dracula party! Well, it’s fair to say there’s all sorts of fun and weirdness going on at this soiree which features a group of photos that came to me as a collection of negatives with no date or time attached. I’m unsure as to where this could be, but it looks like a swinging office party that a lot of work has gone into. I reckon early to mid 1960s for a date, but that’s a guess.

I’m calling it the Dracula Party as there’s a big sign in the one photo and a host of caped ghouls. But that’s not all that’s going on, there’s weird ghouls, witchy fun, a mortuary scene, some lavish decorations in a very distinctive venue with lots of partying on the go. This is the full set as I received it, so there’s a few more boring shots that I’ve kept in for posterity’s sake. Who knows, maybe someone will recognise a relative or something!

Dracula Party with its Draculas

Ghoulish fun at the Dracula Party

Ghoulish fun at the Dracula Party

Guest at the Dracula Party

Guests at the Dracula Party

Guests at the Dracula Party

Lighting up at the Dracula Party

Guests at the Dracula Party

Stylish decor at the Dracula Party

Guests enjoy the spooky atmosphere at the Dracula Party

It's Witching time at the Dracula Party

A mortuary scene at the Dracula Party

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