A Class Of Monsters – 1940s

Well, Halloween’s slipped over the hill for another year now, but I’ll still be posting images as I have quite a few still to share with you. Today we have a single image and a few choice details from it. Set I believe in the 1940s, or maybe the 1950s at a push, we have a lovely shot of a school class. Now, obviously several of them didn’t get the letter about scary masks day to their parents, but the ones that did have done a fine job.

Class of monsters

This kid here, he’s fuming. All his friends got great masks, but he hasn’t, and he doesn’t care who knows it. But he’s not the thing that caught my eye, it’s that fellow on the left, how great is his mask? Creepy as!

Class of monsters - detail

So many great masks in this little cluster, from the fairly straight forward animal mask top center, to the more creepy job top left. What’s your favourite?

Class of monsters - detail

This little fella is sat on his own, surrounded by the non mask kids. What a great looking thing it is though, sat there all nonchalant and regal, he’s the boss!

Class of monsters - detail

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