Big Party Time People

Today we’re featuring some recent additions to the collection, held together by the theme of big groups. All the photos come from different eras. They’re single photos, but I’ve added some close-up details of some of the interesting folk within the group.

This first group is full of excited people, but one of them is not like the others. Can you spot him? Maybe not a Halloween party this one, but that mask certainly gives on the spooks. We’re guessing 1930s – 1940s for this image.

1940s Big Group

A school party group here, with lots of great characters and costumes. I’ve picked out a couple of my favourites for closer inspection. A guess of the 1940s for this one, maybe the 1950s.

1940s Cowboys Group

1940s Cowboys Group Detail

1940s Cowboys Group Detail

Strike up the band, Halloween’s here. A couple of spooky masks and one great big one! We have a date of 1948 for this image, but no location. I wonder if that doorway still exists?

1948 Halloween Parade

Another of them all lady parties that seemed prevalent in the past. they’re a happy looking bunch, but one of them is not like the others. Can you spot her? Another guesstimate for the 1940s

1940s Big Group

1940s Big Group Detail

And here’s another all lady group. A couple of these are not like the others either! We have a date for this one, 1954, but no location or idea of who they are.

1954 Big Group

1954 Big Group Detail

1954 Big Group Detail

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