Monster Couples A Huggin’ And A Kissin’

More than a few romances have blossomed on Halloween, and this set of photos is all about the couples. Some romantic, some not so, here’s to a romantic Halloween. Our first couple is a hairy monster man getting a peck on the check, we reckon from somewhere in the 1940s.

Hairy Monster Man Kiss

Here’s a loved up couple, maybe there’s some black magic and witchcraft in the mix but don’t they look happy. We reckon late 1950s on this late.

Witch Lady On The Lap

In glorious Technicolor – we have a romantic moment here with a ghoul and his gal, and an exact date of 1959. The romance of Halloween is waving its magic once more.

Kissing Monster Couple

Well, we know this is something to do with the New York State Automobile Dealer, we reckon it was somewhere in the 1950s, and we know there’s a moment of politically incorrect tenderness going on, but these were different times. Everything else we’ll leave to you.

Halloween Party Couple

A bit of a fender swap going on here. We’re not convinced it’s Halloween, it might just be a costume party, but we’ll throw it in for completeness sake. We’re guessing this one is from the 1950s once more.

Man Maid And Bearded Lady

And we’re back to hugging. Is it a romantic hug or is the angel forgiving the dark sinister monster for all his evil doings. Either way, our last romantic interlude today and we think it took place in the 1950s.

Hugging Monster And Angel

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