People And Their Pumpkins

A nice collection here with a single theme, people and their pumpkins. Big pumpkins, little pumpkins, plastic pumpkins and, um, pumpkin pumpkins. First up, a repost just simply because it’s one of our favourite photos here, if not of all time, the eerie looking Pumpkin Queen and her brood. Our guess is she’s from the 1930s but that’s all we know.

Queen Of The Pumpkins 1930s V2

This photo can be dated to 1961, but we know not where. It’s almost like they’re having a conversation, and the pumpkin particularly liked it.

Happy Pumpkin and Witch 1961

The mask in this is brilliant, two monsters for the price of one. And that pumpkin, well, it’s up there as one of the most manic looking in the collection. Pure menace. Around the late 1960s is our guesstimate for the date.

Two Faced Monster Child 1960s

We think 1940s for this one, and although these ladies appear to be quite straight laced and not in costume, they both seem to be very pleased with their pumpkin.

Pumpkin Ladies 1940s

A crackly photo from 1970, but we know not where. Bit of a mixture of styles on this happy little chappy and a plastic pumpkin, but it has a certain charm to it.

Clown And His Trick Or Treat Pumpkin

This is a lovely family photo, we’ve no date but we reckon they look like they’re straight out of the 1940s. A happy looking brother and sister with their carved pumpkins. Smashing.

Brother and Sister With Pumpkins 1940s

With a fake tash and a cheeky smile, this little lad is very pleased with his huge pumpkin. We reckon this photo dates from somewhere in the 1950s. Look at that smile, he really is pleased.

Happy Boy and His Pumpkin 1950s

And finally, this cheerful fella is happy, and his pumpkins are happy, and we are happy too. Don’t know where he’s from, and we think it’s from around the 1930s. But who knows, we’re all too busy smiling to care!

Happy Pumpkin Man 1940s

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