Hobos And Babies And Mothers, Oh My!

These images are collected together without a real theme, but they do feature some spooky hobos and babies and mothers. Ranging from different eras and locations, our first image shows some big baby looking man (even with a mustache) and a blank faced woman. Not quite sure why, but it certainly brings the creeps out.

Baby Masks 1940s

Then we have a few hobos on display. Scary hobos, traveling through your nightmares with their knapsacks and masks. No dates or locations on these, but at a guess we’d say 1940s.
Scary Hobos 1940s

Hobo And WTF 1940s

We do have a date, and also some names on these. Still in a hobo theme, but this pair are described on the back as Hick and Mary, and dated to 1955.

Hick And Mary 1955

And finally, back to babies, and their mothers. No location on this photo, but we have the date as 1925. With mothers like that, nightmares would be the norm.

Weird Mothers Masks

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