A Collection Of Scary Little Ones

Bit of a mass post here, of photos we’ve featured over at our Facebook Page but neglected to post here. Hey, don’t judge us, things get busy sometimes. Anyway, the main theme here is scary kids. Scary little kids. Terrifying scary little kids…

First up a pair of photos from somewhere in the USA, possibly circa 1920s – 1930s. A delightful crowd, just run your eyes over the collect of masks.

Pointy Hats And Masks 1930s

Pointy Hats And Masks 1930s

Next we have a delightful group of trick or treaters all from around the same period. We have no details on places and locations, just a bundle of cute. USA somewhere in the 1950s we think.

1950s 2 Boys 1 Clown

1950s Masks In Street

1950s 5 Boys 3 Masks

We do have a date on this one, it’s 1968. Interesting the early days of movie merchandising on display here with the Wolfman, Mummy and Zoro costumes.


A couple of scary looking moo-people, we’re putting the date on this one as 1950s too. Not one for the Lactose intolerant, but they’re really proud of those pumpkins.

Two Cows

Finally, some slightly older kids here, and a wonderful collection of masks again. Date wise, saying somewhere in the early 1960s, but that’s just a guess.

Kids Masks 1960s

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