A Couple Of Colour Creeps

Today we have a couple of creepy critters from the 1960s and 70s. The eerie passage of time has yellowed the tones of the photos, but the horrors contained there in have only benefited from the discolouration. First up we have a fella I’ve named the Coffin Monster. We have a good idea of the date as it’s on the back, 1967. The Coffin Monster looks as though caught in the act, stealing a limb from the recently deceased. Brrr…

Coffin Monster 1967

Next up we have a terrifying looking farmer. The mask says smiles, but the hands and the manspreading say mischief. We have a date and a name on this one, though I’m not sure the name isn’t made up. If you were at a Halloween party in 1978, you may have seen this person, who according to the back of the photo goes by the name of Art Bastchard.

Art Bastchard 1978

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