Scary Clowns For Those That Suffer Coulrophobia

There’s always been something intrinsically scary about clowns, which is why you often see some many come Halloween. If you’ve never heard of Coulrophobia before, it’s the fear of clowns, so here’s four to give you nightmares.

This one’s just wrong on so many levels. It looks like this little monster has just pulled off a devil face to reveal an evil clown face below. We’re guessing 1950s for this one.

Clown Demon Child 1950s ish

This one gives me nightmares – it’s quite simple, but that face. Oh, that face. Late 1940s or 1950s is my guess.

Clown Waving 1950s ish

We love this one so much we made an eCard of it, but it’s a great photo with a horrifying mask at the center of it. Date wise, I reckon it’s 1940 and we’re not sure if it’s a clown or goblin or maybe both. A Cloblin? Or a Gown… What do you think?

Clown And Mom 1940s ish

An old favourite added as we’re still not sure if that big white blob in the middle is a hanky dangling from the drag queen’s finger, or something more sinister coming from the clown’s trousers. We’re guessing 1950s here again.

Aroused Clown and Drag Queen 1950s (ish)

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