Little Darlings

Well, Halloween’s over now for another year, but the fun continues here as the collection is growing and there’s still lots to add. This little batch has the theme of little darlings. But, being as we’re all about the spooky and freaky here, there’s something not quite right going on in these pictures…

First up, we have a nice little group of children, which I can date to 1956 thanks to the helpful date on the photo. I call them the Witch, The Clown and The WTF! Seriously, what is the little fella on the left supposed to be?! He’s freaking out the freaky clown, and that’s not good. That’s wrong. Very wrong…

Witch Clown WTF 1956

Another of my favourites from the collection, the one I affectionately call Big Daddy. He’s a big looking daddy with clogs. The little darlings here seem suitably ill at ease with this huge presence, adding to the air of mystery and intrigue. Guessing this one dates from the 1930s, as for Big Daddy, various people have suggested he’s of either native American origin, or possibly Italian – all guesses are welcome.

Big Daddy 1930s

This little lady is known by name, she’s one Dorothy Doyle, and she seem to be materialising from a pumpkin. Odd. Definite date here, 1926.

Dorothy Doyle 1926

Finally, this little bloke is coming for you. The monster kid wants to eat your liver, and we reckon he’s circa late 1950s early 1960s. Run! Now!

Monster Kid 1960s

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