Big Groups, Scary Details…

Hey, look at the date, it’s Halloween! That means all over the world, people are getting their scare on. What better time to look back at see how they did it the olden days? Today we’re featuring a few big group images from a long time ago. It’s interesting to see the general dress and look of past times, but there’s also a good few scares to be had when you zoom in close and see some of the details…

First up is one of my all time favourites, what I assume is a school group from the 1920s or 30s. There’s some right characters in there, but the one. You can see him there, staring at you, sucking your soul… Very League Of Gentlemen.

School Group 1930s

School Group 1930s - Detail

Second is a Scout Group from the 1950s. Obviously political-correctness was not available as a badge at that time, but strange vacant looks were.

Scout Halloween Party - 1950s

Scout Halloween Party 1950s - Detail 1

Scout Halloween Party 1950s - Detail 2

Next we have a high street parade, once again circa 1950s. There’s lots of happy looking children in the photos, and one or two shot through with devilment.

Halloween Parade 1950s

Halloween Parade 1950s Detail

Finally, we have this big group photo that I’m guesstimating comes from the 1930s-40s. I think it comes from Jessup, Pennsylvania – or at least the photographer did thanks to the inscription on the bottom of the photo. Once again, there’s a few faces in there that would scare the pants off anyone with a sense of fright. Just look at ’em, scary stuff!

Big School Group 1930s

Big School Group 1930s - Detail 1

Big School Group 1930s - Detail 2

Big School Group 1930s - Detail 3

Whatever you’re doing this Halloween, have fun and stay safe! Just think, a 100 years from now, your Halloween party could be featured on a site just like this one…

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