Party Time

“Do you want to party? It’s partytime!” Goes the lyrics to .45 Grave’s song Partytime, famously from the film Return Of The Living Dead. Well, in the case of these photographs, the answer would be a resounding no! Party is the theme on these photos, and we have everything from Zombies to clowns to mad cows. Yeah, mad, whisky swigging cows.

Once again I think these images are mainly American in origin, and I believe all originate from the 1950s. First up, Attack of the clown! I still can’t work out if the victim is dropping a tissue, or the clown is really pleased to see ’em. Either way, those with Coulrophobia might want to move along now.

Attack Of The Clown 1950s

Next up, chill-out time here as these four handsome looking fellas take the weight off their feet and watch the party from afar.

Seated Spooks 1950s

Here we have a spooky gathering from 1952, one of a set from a Halloween Hoedown. A right spooky gathering, but the two zombiesque looking people in the middle look like an early audition for Night Of The Living Dead.

Halloween Ho Down 1952

As for this one, you can make up your own narrative. Just don’t anger the gun-toting, beard-wearing jungle explorer.

Adult Party 2

And finally, one mad whiskey swilling cow for you. Insert your own joke about whisky and cow’s milk here.

Mad Cow Party 1950s

So there we have it, Halloween house parties, 1950s style. I’ll ask again. Do you want to Paaaartttty? It’s partytime!

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