Spooky Little Girls

Today’s collection of images has one common theme, they feature some spooky, freaky, frightening little girls. I think they all American, and come from a range of different eras.

First up, what is probably my favourite image in my collection, the one I call the Queen of the Pumpkins. This beguiling lady sits proudly atop her pile of humongous pumpkins, surveying the scene. Her dead eyes stare out and send little daggers of fear to any one who should dare to look. Lovely, simply lovely. As for when, no idea, 1920s-30s possibly?

The Pumpkin Queen

Another little terror, looking at you through dead eyes, this skull mask and the girl’s defiant stance make what should be a little joy dressed for Halloween into a soul-sucking demon from hell. I reckon circa 1940s-50s.

Scary Skull Girl 1940s

Another evil stare from a little sweetheart, this photo takes on an even more menacing element with the foreground shadow creeping into view. Does this little Halloween monster have a shadowy creature to do her bidding? Could be so, and given that look, brrrrr, don’t cross her. We can date this one to 1924.

Halloween Girl & Shadow 1924

What could be more scary than one evil looking little girl? How about two of them, staring out from the ages past, big hands and scarily simple masks at the ready. I reckon this one is around the 1910s.

2 Weird Girls 1910s

What could be more scary than two weird looking girls? How about a room full of them, with strange bag masks on their heads. Ok, so there’s a party going on, but really, would you want to be the entertainment there? I’m putting a date of circa 1950s on this one.

Papar Bag Girls 1940s-50s

And there we have it. Forget about sugar and spice and all things nice, these little ladies are shot through with blackness. Don’t have nightmares now…

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