Sharpsville Pennyslvania School Groups Circa 1930-40s

I’ve been reliably informed that this bundle of horrors comes from a set of photos from the South Pymatuning School in Sharpsville Pennsylvania. The school buildings still exist on the corner of Tamarack and Saranac Drive, Sharpsville Pennysilvania, 16150. In fact, they are still there on Google Streetview should you want a peak. All too often these sort of photos come with no history attached, so it’s especially pleasing to be able to share these with an attached location. I’m told the South Pymatuning School closed in 1953, but I’m dating these a couple of decades earlier, I reckon 1930s-1940s.

There are four main images for you, which I’ve peppered with the odd tasty details. There’s just so much great stuff going on in these photos I won’t bore you with my favourites, you can pick you’re own. And if you can’t get enough here, there’s a great Wallpaper available made from one of them.








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