Introducing Happy Halloweens

First post here, so I’d like to tell you a bit about the site and myself. You can call me The Keeper, lover of vintage Halloween photographs and curator here at Happy Halloweens. For years I’ve had an addiction to collecting photographs from the past, especially those related to Halloween. I’ve got parties, people, costumes, masks, parades and more in my collection, dating from the turn of the 20th century through to the 1970s and 1980s. As time goes on, I’m going to be sharing them all on here for everyone to enjoy.

As for why I collect then, there’s a few reasons. Firstly, I like the aesthetics of Halloween, the masks, the costumes, the glimpses of the contemporaneous boogymen that the costumes hint at, and much more. The look of these photo is often enticing too, the lens flare, the ghosting of time on the materials and the sepia colours. They all come together to make some lovely and at times moving images of times past.

That brings me to the second thing that appeals to me, and that’s the haunting nature of the people in the photos. Many are now long gone, having lived their lives and now all the remains are these fading and imperfect images of happy times. Not knowing who they were creates a sense of mystery and intrigue that appeals to me and allows me to make my own narratives.

Thirdly and finally, they make me smile. In fact, rather than get all deep and meaningful about the images and our fleeting existence, I will make a joke about something in the image or the events. Sometimes though, that humour and that smile hides something about the actual images, and that is that certain ones send shivers down the old backbone as they are spooky as hell.

As it stands my collection is quite small, around a 100 images so far, but it is an ongoing collection so it will be expanding. I want to share them with you all, so I will be posting them on here for you to enjoy, admire or simply be given a bad case of the creeps by. I also plan to find some great stuff on eBay and share that with you from time to time, as it’s a great way to get a collection going. Stick around, things could get spooky and remember isn’t just for October the 31st, it’s here all year around!

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