Basement Party Set – 1970

Time for another set of party photos from under someone's house that i know happened in 1970. I don't know where, or why they choose to party in their basement, but there we go. There's lots going on here to keep you amused, and a few inappropriate costumes to make you wince (we're not here to judge, just to document).

What I like about these big sets of photos is seeing the same faces multiple times and trying to build a story of their night as it progresses. It looks like a huge basement either way, and there's several great costumes on show as well as plenty of vintage decorations on view. These days people would probably want a specialised venue that looked the part, but back then, bare rafters and ventilation pipes were nothing to be ashamed of, especially if there was a party to be had.

Crazy cook

Guests taking a break

Time for a fancy dress tea break down in the basement

Bavarian lady and friend

Enjoying their Halloween down in the basement

Creepy clowns down in the basement

Groucho Marx alive and well

Ladies enjoying the pop

Taking five under the floor joists

Taking five under the floor joists

Bemused lady and obscured friend

A merry man and fair maiden

A number of guests behind the bar

Guests with their hand-held pumpkin decorations

Creepy critter

Big babies and a very inappropriate native

Enjoying a dance

Taking five

A trio of questionable fellows

Enjoying the bar

Taking the weight off

A couple at the basement bar

All friends together

Holding each other up

Give us a hug

A strange pair

Snazzy dresses

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